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Unity In Diversity - Let Therebe No Misgivings In KeADILan
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Let there be no misgivings as to the animating purpose of KeADILan , Far from aiming at the "UMNO style racist politics" it seeks to broaden its basis, to remold its institutions in a manner consonant with the needs of an ever changing human society. Its purpose is neither to stifle the flame of a sane and intelligent patriotism in the hearts of Malaysians, nor to abolish the system of nationalism which has been the hallmark of post independent Malaysia.

KeADILan spearheads wider loyalty

KeADILan , rightly seen, does not ignore , nor does it attempt to suppress, the diversity of ethnic origins , of history, languages, tradition, of thought and habits, that differentiate the diverse fraternity of the unique KeADILan race - creed mix. It calls for a wider loyalty, for a larger aspiration than any that has animated the Malaysian rich mix society. It however insists upon the subordination of fallacious racist impulses and interests to the imperative claims of a Malaysian human unity. It repudiates excessive parochialism on one hand and disclaims all attempts at uniformity on the other. Its watchword is "unity in diversity" . This can be illustrated by observing the following analogy. Consider the flowers of the garden, though different in kind, hue, colour, form and shape, yet this diversity enriches and adorns the garden and heightens the effect of beauty. In like manner , when diverse shades of thought, temperament, and character, are brought together under the power and influence of one party (KeADILan) the beauty and perfection of the human perfection will be revealed and made manifest. KeADILan leaders and activist must acquire this new intelligence to harmonise the divergent thoughts, sentiments, ideas, and convictions of the diverse elements that gives unsurpassed beauty to KeADILan spirit.

KeADILan must exercise progressive adaptation to "celebrate in the difference"

It must become the single sacred duty of KeADILan leadership and activists to understand the principle of oneness of the party . Every member of KeADILan must be able to adapt his past narrow mindset, to a new paradigm of multiethnicity, be able to recognise the reality of the organic change that must be part and parcel of the new party, which has transcended primitive UMNO promoted racism that has kept back the civilisational process of an expanding human unity. This novelty in political culture and worldview, constitutes the single greatest challenge , to outworn shibboleths of racial creeds, which have had their heydays when UMNO was ruling supreme. The KeADILan political ideology is fundamentally different from and infinitely superior to UMNO BN's racist -feudalistic, capitalistic, politics. It calls for a reconstruction of the political system in Malaysia, where the races are organically united in all essentials aspects of its life, its political machinery, its spiritual aspirations, its trade, finance, its script and languages, and yet infinite in the diversity of the elements that comprises it.

KeADILan represents the next progressive step in the political evolution in Malaysia

KeADILan represents the next higher step in the evolution of Malaysian politics. Its is a big step from partisan politics to multiethnic human unity. This marvelous conception can be attributed to non other than the peerless Anwar Ibrahim, the persecuted hero of modern Malaysia. Nothing short of the intense mental agony and well as physical agony endured with superhuman fortitude by Anwar Ibrahim, has been able to precipitate these epoch-making changes that constitute the greatest landmarks in the political history of Malaysia. Those who cannot and unable to adapt themselves to this new paradigm that is emerging through KeADILan will fall prey to their own weakness and inflexibility and will be relegated to oblivion. Some former UMNO members such as Zahid Hamidi, are classic examples of victims to this cleansing effect that must take place to impel KeADILan to attain new heights of growth. Such weak hearted souls are not cut out for the KeADILan struggle, they neither can face the agony of the persecution , nor can they sacrifice the fleeting materialism for a sacred course. We hope that Hamdan Taha can retry to adapt to the new struggle of KeADILan and not roll backwards to UMNO's corrupt laden racist politics.

The Fire of Ordeal - a prerequisite for KeADILan's stabilised growth

Nothing short of a fire of severe ordeal , unparalleled in its intensity, can cleanse KeADILan , fuse and weld the discordant entities that constitute the elements of the nascent embryonic party, into the integral components of a full blooded Malaysian party.This truth will become evident with the onward march of time . This fiery ordeal , the first part of which was endured by Anwar Ibrahim, is now testing the party as a whole, out of this ordeal , the new age Malaysian society will emerge , chastened and prepared, to face the new multiethnic polity that is born out of the ashes of tests and tribulations. Let every member of KeADILan, be they leaders, activists, or supporters recognise these forces at work, forces which in reality operate to test, clean and develop the KeADILan cause and struggle. Let us not obscure our vision by our own ignorance, nor fall prey to fallacious propaganda of weakened and jealous UMNO, who by virtue of their hold on government power, attempt with unrelenting zeal to undermine the new party. But it is this very tests that will ultimately strengthen the party, so let us welcome the forces of these ordeal with a positive spirit and exploitit for our growth.

From ridicule to opposition and finally to recognition

When KeADILan was born, UMNOBN scorned it with ridicule, branding it as another transient UMNO splinter, only to crawl back to UMNO after its energy is sapped. This is natural, but with a powerful creative spirit of reformasi animating it, KeADILan crossed stage of ridicule, and it has moved to the new stage of opposition at the hands of power that be. UMNO having witnessed its failure to arrests the march of the party, despite the every attempt through the use and abuse of executive power to nip it at the bud, despite the bribery, the intimidation, the ISA arrests, the direct and the indirect persecution, the oppression, the suppression , KeADILan continues to grow, drawing energy form the very forces that attempt to undermine it. As we move from strength to strength , the opposition will increase in similar proportion, testing further and assisting in its onward march to victory. Remember, it is the power of truth that provides the invincible strength to the party, initially UMNO may see to have hold back its march , but sooner or later truth will burst asunder and subdue the oppression of the fallacious UMNO.

Ours, dearly beloved coworkers in KeADILan, is the paramount duty to continue , with undiminished vision and unabated zeal, to assist in the erection of the foundation and institutions of the party, which Anwar Ibrahim has laid in our hearts, to derive added hope and strength, from the exemplary sacrifice of our leader, who has chosen to become the sacrificial lamb, to endure the vilest and the most cruel persecution, perpetrated by a jealous leadership of UMNO, a party that has fallen prey to the corruption of a wayward leader. However dark, perplexing and trying the challenges that is facing KeADILan, let us not forget that the ultimate victory must take place, and truth will sooner or later triumph over falsehood. Let us pray with unremitting fervor, so that the release of our leader will be hastened, and Malaysia will be blessed with his direct presence.

Dr. Ananda Krishnan
Kuala Lumpur




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