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KeADILan Must Be Constructed With Love and Sacrifce and Founded on Truth and Justice
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Malaysians are now watching with awe and wonder, the contest of two political worldviews; one, the UMNOBN's fast dwindling race based politics , the other the emerging "unity in diversity " multiethnic politics , the brightest emanation from the mind of the persecuted hero warrior Anwar Ibrahim. The former worldview , the remnant of the British colonialists , well entrapped in the political culture of UMNOBN, rightly seen, is experiencing its dying convulsions, largely due to its utter disregard of the spirit of the age, compounded by the unabated corruption of various kind that has poisoned its foundation . Opposing this tottering UMNOBN regime, is the multiethnic worldview of KeADILan, nascent and yet pregnant with unlimited potentialities, to assume the political leadership of the nation in due course.

Turning point in Malaysian politics.

At so critical a time in the history of Malaysian politics, it behooves the leaders of KeADILan to give heed to the clarion call of Anwar Ibrahim, and thoroughly imbue with a sense of national and party solidarity, the sine qua non, of loyalty to his cause , to manfully carry out his gudiance and directives, in its entirety , to enable the cause to grow from obscuirty through ridicule , opposition, recognition and finally to ultimate victory. Let them discard , once and for all, every preconcieved idea, every prejudice, and give heed to the sublime call of Anwar Ibrahim, the author of Malaysian Reformation and the architect of multiethnic polity of Malaysia. The construction of KeADILan , which is now at its embryonic state, demands love and sacrifice, and must be founded on truth and justice. The embryo of KeADILan must be nurtured with the greatest care, loved and nourished to grow and mature. Let there be no mistakes , while the party is at its infancy , to misunderstand its sacred purpose, misrepresent its mision or vision, or undermine its foundation while it is still tender and new.

Love and sacrifice - the vital ingredients for KeADILan's growth

As the spirit of Reformation (reformasi) crystallises and gets institutionalised in KeADILan , by using love and sacrifice , the party must be constructed, strengthened and stablised. Its principles, philosophy and goals must be well drawn up, and an unassailable foundation must be built to avoid pitfalls and to withstand the unceasing onslaught of enemies . Charisma must be institutionalised, the interests of the struggle and the party must superseed individual interests. As KeADILan moves through the changes that has swiftly awakened the Malaysians, as its growth process moves and gets consolidated, the work to stregthen it must not be stilled, every erg of energy that is with its avowed supporters , must be sacrificed to propel it to surmount every obstacle that will obstruct its onward march to victory. Its unity in diversity must be maintained in the face of tremendous hurdles , the love for truth and justice must dispel and subdue any personal ambition or greed that my overtake its leaders or supporters.

Anwar Ibrahim - the icon of KeADILan

The party associated with the name of Anwar Ibrahim feeds upon those hidden springs of celestial strength which no force of human personality , whatever its glamour, can replace , that its reliance is solely upon the power of truth which no worldly force can compare must be recognised fully. It propogates itself by ways mysterious and utterly at variance with the standards accepted by the perverted politics of UMNOBN. By virtue of its dependence on the power of truth, it will forge ahead towards fresh success for the political regeneration of Malaysia. The unrestrained fanaticism, crass ignorance and unbridled cruelty that attended the infamous Anwar Ibrahim arrest and persecution, marked the birthpangs of that new order, that has finally taken shape in KeADILan. His refusal to bow to the threats, persecution and his superhuman fortitude in enduring the most great torture has elevated him to a level unattained by any Malaysian leader of the past. He alone has been selected to receive the privilege of sealing with his blood the triumph of the cause. Contributing to this sacrifice is the agony of unumbered heroes, leading with Ezam and others who have by virtue of their sacrifice and persecution laid the foundation of the party.

KeADILan potential is limitless

Circumscribed though its power as a political force may as yet appear, and however obvious may seem the present ineffectiveness, we who stand identified with its struggle, cannot but marvel at its accoplishment in its short life since its birth. UMNOBN racist politics with its attendent corruption must be replaced with a polity that gives meaning to human unity in diversity. KeADILan's infinite possibilities, its transcendent beauty must be appreciated, we infact stand too close to so collosal a political recreation. Instead of dwelling in the minute problems of a fast maturing politcal organisation, let us derive fresh inspiration and motivation by understanding the enormous potential it holds within itself. Clear and emphatic has been the guidance and examplary life of our persecuted leader Anwar Ibrahim, he has given the opportunity of a lifetime for us to recreate the national polity that has been devastated by the ruthless and immoral leaders of a defunct , collapsing UMNOBN ledership.

KeADILan must embrace the philosophy of civil society and virtuous politics

Let those who stand identified with the struggle of Anwar Ibrahim, refrain from associating , by word or by deed, with immoral political pursuits that are tainted with corruption and fraud. They should assign no blame,take no side, further no design and identify themselves with nothing prejudicial to the best interest of the struggle of the party. Let them beware lest they allow themselves to become the tools of unscupulous politicians, or to be entrenched by the treacherous devices of the plotters and the perfidious among their countrymen. Let them so shape their lives and regulate their conduct that no charge of secrecy, of fruad, of bribery, or of intimidation may, however ill founded may be brought against them. Let them rise above the vain disputes, the petty calculations, the transient passions that agitate the face , and engage the attention of a changing world. Virtue , and only vitue must be the ornament of those KeADILan heroes and workers, and let them affirm thier unyeilding determination to stand , firmly and unreservedly for the way of true justice. avoid entanglements and bickerings that are characterisitc of a wayward UMNOBN political culture. Let them beware lest, in their eargerness to further the aims of the party, they should be led unwittingly to bargain with the struggle, to compromise with truth and virtue, or to sacrifice in return for any material advantage , the integrity of their spiritual ideals. The power of truth will , which no earthly power can obscure, will if we persevere, illuminate our path as we steer our course amid the snares and pitfalls of a troubled period of political turmoil that has to precede the establishment of multiethnic politics in Malaysia.

Let us not stand idle, let us arise in the name of truth, continue our sacred struggle to reestablish truth and justice in the political culture of our beloved country.

Dr. Ananda Krishnan
Kuala Lumpur.




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