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Buliding The Malaysian Party - KeADILan' s Supreme Agenda
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There is no options for the Malaysians but to be integrated into a unified community . KeADILan has been providentially chosen to be the vehicle(vahana) of that historic transformation that is to ultimately integrate the diverse discordant elements that beautifies the multiethnic character of the Malaysian society. Separated by the UMNOBN created prejudices of race, religion and culture, which has been part and parcel of the "divide and rule" tactics inherited form the British colonial masters, the various ethnic groups that make up the Malaysian society has been in the disunited mode under the present regime. It is the sacred task of KeADILan to recreate Malaysia, drive it from the clutches racist political tyranny, and rebuild the nation where human unity rules supreme.

Community of unified races and creeds

Conscious of their high calling, confident in the society -building power which the struggle possesses, the dawnbreakers of KeADILan must press forward, undeterred and undismayed, in their effort to fashion and perfect the necessary instruments wherein the embryonic order of multiethnic unity can mature and develop. It is this building process , slow and unobtrusive, to which the life of the KeADILan workers and supporters is wholly consecrated, this change is the one hope of a stricken society of Malaysia. This process is actuated by God's changeless purpose to perpetuate an ever advancing civilisation. No single group with the KeADILan's purview must claim superiority over the others. In a nation where the structure of political and social institutions is impaired , whose vision is befogged , whose conscience is bewildered and whose religious system have become anemic and lost their virtue, a ray of hope is within the potentialities of KeADILan, to breathe a new life into a devastated polity . Through the party which incarnates its ideals, KeADILan must prepare for spiritual revival and complete redemption of the nations spoilt political culture.

Persecution is the catalyst for growth and strength

KeADILan must be tested by the fire of persecution, just as gold is tested by fire , so the ideals of KeADILan must be subject to rigorous testing by persecution, both the leaders and the party as a whole must be subjected to the judgmental and cleansing process, for without these God sent tests the truth of the ideals cannot be verified and proven to a bewildered society misled and deceived by BN's fallacious propaganda. Let every defender of KeADILan understand the purifying effect of persecution, let us not forget that every founder of great religions that has civilised the world were subjected to the most cruel persecution, the story of prophet Abraham, Moses Jesus and Muhammad, Buddha bears testimony to this truth, all were ridiculed, opposed ,persecuted and having gone through these tests they emerged triumphant. KeADILan will be tested, some faint hearted, weak souls will fall but the real heroes will surmount these tests and emerge victorious , but there is a time period and we have to work patiently to sail through these trials and tribulations before it can prove to a doubtful society about the purity of its ideals and the greatness of its struggle.

The enemy of KeADILan is ignorance and evil

For well neigh three years, KeADILan has been incessantly persecuted , starting with the Anwar conspiracy and torture. Its leaders, institutions and followers were subjected to severe oppression, torture, despite that it has succeeded in preserving its organic unity, preserving its identity and multiethnic force, erecting its defenses and extending and consolidating its strength. Numerous have been forces that have schemed , both from within and from without, to quench its light, some have apostatized from its principles and betrayed its cause some have hurled against it the fiercest anathemas which embittered leaders of UMNO rode on. Still others have heaped upon it afflictions and humiliations bent on destroying its credibility. But despite these evils , perpetrated by an ignorant UMNO leadership, KeADILan has emerged strong and powerful with unlimited potentialities. The fight between UMNO and KeADILan is the fight between ignorance and evil(UMNO) against virtue (KeADILan). those who betrayed its cause , its lukewarm and faint hearted supporters, withered away and dropped as dead leaves , powerless to cloud its radiance or to imperil its structure. In the midst of these trials it had inspired its loyal followers with a resolution that no obstacle , however formidable, could undermine.It had infused into the hearts a hope that no force , however determine could shatter.

KeADILan burns away racial prejudices

The cause of KeADILan by virtue of its creative , its regulative and ennobling energies, the varied races , creeds, and classes have pledged unswerving fealty to its cause. It has changed the hearts of its followers from lovers of one race to lovers of humanity, burned away prejudices, stilled their passions, exalted their conceptions, ennobled their motives, coordinated their efforts and transformed their outlook. While preserving their lesser loyalties it has made them lovers of mankind and determined upholders of truth and justice.

Total integration and national unity the goal

Unification of the Malaysian people is the hall-mark of KeADILan, the evils of racism must be stilled forever and civilisational process must go full steam, destroying every bit evil and ignorance that has defiled the nation under UMNOBN. A nation growing into maturity must abandon fallacious prejudices, establish the wholeness of human relationships, and once and for all establish the instruments to protect truth and justice. The personal freedom and initiative of the individuals that compose the society must be definitely safeguarded . The beauty of difference must be celebrating concept.

Let us all arise to ensure the continued growth of KeADILan, let us sacrifice our strength to propel the cause , let us not rest for a moment, let us spare every bit of free time to enhance the party and help it to grow.

Dr. Ananda Krishnan
Kuala Lumpur




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