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KeADILan Must Transcend Extremism And Follow The Moderate Path
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KeADILan has lent a fresh impulse and set a new direction for politics in Malaysia, attending its birth almost three years ago, is the call for a wider loyalty, more inculsive to accomodate the needs of every human creed that make up the Malaysian populace. As the interdependence of the peoples is an accomplished fact, KeADILan, in order to attract and capture the imaginations of the Malaysians, must respect the beliefs and culture of each and every one that has come forward to become part of the organisation.

Meeting of diverse thoughts

The welfare of the part means the welfare of the whole, and the distress of the part brings distress to the whole. In the early stages of the constructive process of KeADILan, divisive forces will collide, and it is this collision that will stir the human conscience to new heights of understanding, leading its diverse members from opposing background to recognise the beauty of human diversity, be it thoughts, ideas, beliefs, culture , language and sentiments. The meeting of varying human mindsets is indispensable to propel the expanded growth process in the ever advancing human civilisation, this phenomenon must be recognised, capitalised and exploited to enrich the "knowledge bank" of KeADILan. The enrichment of KeADILan worldview will be the cutting edge to outsmart racist and narrow ideology of UMNOBN. No form of extremism of any kind should stifle this healthy mutually benefitting growth , it is a novelty , a new paradigm in the politico- socio progress of the Malaysian people.

Extremism kills unity

Extremism in any form will only weaken KeADILan, any group which percieves itself as superior spiritually , morally or academically , and belittles other other minority groups, will only slow down the progress of growth. "Kafir mengkafir" will only take us back to "jahilliah", let us be careful what we speak, lest in our eagerness to project our spiritual image, we may speak things which brings badness to us. The Muslims who are the majority must set the example and lead the people through the moderate path to ultimate truth. Let the following verse from the Holy Quran be a constant reminder for us:

'Enjoin ye righteousness upon mankind while ye yourself forget to practice it? And ye readers of the Scritpure! Have ye then no sense?"

...... verse 44 Chapter 2 (Al Baqarah)

Thais verse clearly states the need to be righteousness to all mankind , not only Muslims or Christains, so let not any one religious group assume that is dominates and has the monopoly of religious virtue. Let us avoid the evils of extremism and grow out from its trap and stranglehold.

KeADILan must forge unity among the diverse races

Let us not forget the pain and torture our leader has taken upon himself , let us remember Anwar Ibrahim and his hope and aspiration. His mind has already envisioned the great unity of the multidimensional Malaysian people. It is our sacred task to fuse together in a spirit of true fellowship, the mutually differing fragments of Malaysian society, into one single unit, solid and indivisible, able to marshall the energy of every single person to develop the nation. We must prepare our minds, expand it , and aid the party as directed by Anwar Ibrahim to lead Malaysia out of the valley of political misery and shame to the loftiest heights of power and lory.

Dr. Ananda Krishnan
Kuala Lumpur.




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