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KeADILan Indian Leadership Selection
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Let there be no mistakes in the selection of the Indian leadership in KeADILan, the criteria must be honest and truthful, realistic and meaningful, acceptable and logical, and must be based on the proper understanding of the Indians in Malaysia, the majority of whom are from the sudroid Dravidian stock from South India. Any leader who aspires to capture the imagination and support of the Malaysian Indians must understand in its completeness the culture, language and beliefs of these people. This includes a sound understanding of the Tamil language, the Dravidian culture, the knowledge of the Dravidian scriptures particularly the Holy Thirukkural, and its allied scriptures. Coupled with it a full understanding of the Dravidian history, the Aryan domination and the Diaspora into the Malay archipelago. Any leader who cannot address these issues might as well learn it before attempting to lead the Indians in KeADILan.

95% of the Malaysian Indians are Dravidians

Since the majority of the Indians are Dravidians , it will only be logical that Indians of Muslim or Christian Biddhist Faith , be not given the role to lead the KeADILan Indians. The Muslim or Christian Indian cannot fully appreciate the South Indian culture, nor understand their worldview or sentiments, or fully grasp the Tamil language. The Indians in the estates, labour force, and in other areas will be indifferent to leaders who are not Dravidians in the true sense. In selecting Indian leaders the KeADILan top leadership must be extremely careful not to select the inappropriate candidate and stifle the expansion of the party among the Indians.

Dravidian, Christian and Muslim Indians must be represented fairly

The top Indian leadership in KeADILan must have the Dravidian Indian as its leader followed by Muslims and Christian Indians. The Malay and Chinese leaders in KeADILan must understand this delicate yet unique situation in the Indian community of Malaysia. Misfit in the KeADILan Indian leadership will jeopardise the Indian support in KeADILan. Presently there are very good representatives for Indian Christians, Indian Muslims but for Dravidians there is some confusion. A proper study of this situation must be done before any appointment are made, for there should not be a misgiving or mistake in fair and equitable representation for the Indians. Only a fair representation will minimise discomfort and uneasiness among the Indians in KeADILan , if the appointment has to be deferred till all factors are taken into consideration through a detailed study of the situation, let it be so.

To get a proper information on the Dravidian culture and history, there are Dravidians research centers in Malaysia which have good information on this vital issue. Using their expertise the leadership will come to a more meaningful decision on the selection of Indian leaders in KeADILan.

Dr. Ananda Krishnan
Dravidian Indian Research Center, Puchong.
Tel: 603 80707233 Fax: 80708784




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