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KeADILan - The Chief Citadel For The Redemption Of Malaysia's UMNO BN's
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Decadent Politics

The inception of KeADILan , a party with the Malaysian plural character . emerging rapidly through the successive stages of unmitigated obscurity, active repression, recognition, is now hailed as the chief citadel and the only refuge to redeem the indescribable state of decadence , attending corruption, intolerance and oppression that characterizes the politics of the present UMNOBN regime.

The Great Challenge for KeADILan

How great then must be the challenge, to those who claim allegiance to the party's ideals, to be involved in the grand redemptive work of recreating a polity that has sunk into such ignominious depths of perversity as a result of the devastating effect of a despotism that has forsaken every political virtue that must be part of true statesmanship. Its sacred task to provide the regenerating spirit , effect the salvation , and emancipate the nation form the clutches of tyranny , remains the single great challenge of KeADILan. Among its immediate and long term duty is to eradicate or minimse the evils of overmaterialism, political corruption, lawlessness and moral laxity that now abounds in the political culture of UMNOBN. KeAdILan must be characterised by an abiding sense of undeviating justice, unobscured by the demoralising influences which a corrupt -ridden political so well practiced and preserved by UMNOBN. It must be a fraternity freed from that cancerous growth of racial prejudice which has been nurtured by a feudalistic regime since independence. A rectitude of conduct with its implications of justice , equity, truthfulness, honesty, fair-mindedness, reliability, and trustworthiness must be the distinguishing character of KeADILan.

"State of the Art" strategy and growth plan must be developed.

KeADILan must show the foresight, the organising ability, enthusiastic eagerness, with the essential qualities of audacity, consecration, tenacity , self renunciation and unstinted devotion for the true justice and fairness. It must be the epicenter for change and progress, and must employ state of art techniques to outcompete its challenger . It must earn the respect , and capture the imagination of the people of all races that make up the Malaysian suffrage.Plans well conceived must be launched with unquenchable enthusiasm and dauntless courage, executed successfully to ensure that the party is vibrant and growing from strength to strength.

Racialism a fallacious doctrine

KeADILan must cast away once and for all the fallacious doctrine of racial superiority, with all its attendant evils, confusions and misery, welcoming the intermixture of races , tearing down the barriers that now divide the Malaysian people. Let every member must think that nothing short of genuine love, extreme patience, true humility , consummate tact, sound initiative, mature wisdom coupled with deliberate and persistent effort can succeed in blotting out the stain which this patent evil has left on the fair name of our country. A blending of the highly differentiated elements of the human race , harmoniously interwoven into the fabric of an all embracing KeADILan, assimilated and unified under the banner of the philosophy of a civil society must be the unique character of KeADILan.

All Compelling Will to Sacrifice for the nation

Dangers ,however sinister , must, at no time . dim the radiance of the new born struggle, Strife and confusion, however bewildering, must never befog the vision . Tribulations , however afflictive, must never shatter the resolve. denunciations , however clamorous, must never sap their loyalty . Upheavals , however cataclysmic, must never deflect the course of KeADILan struggle. On the contrary the members must always bear in mind the budding hopes of Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of the struggle for truth and justice.

The process of redeeming the devastated political situation must go on. Every hurdle must be seen as a challenge, and every attempt by UMNOBN to undermine the party must be seen as an opportunity to prove our growing strength. The onward march of our struggle must continue, until it has achieved its destined purpose of bringing out Malaysia from the political tyranny and despotism of UMNOBN.

Dr. Ananda Krishnan
Kuala Lumpur.




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